• February 21, 2024

2022: Low-key Christmas πŸŽ„

 2022: Low-key Christmas πŸŽ„

Christmas is celebrated every 25th of December by Christians in Nigeria and the world over to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea to Mary and Joseph, he is the Messiah on the christian religion, the saviour of the world.

The celebration is all about the birth of God’s Son-Jesus. The message of Christmas is all about how Jesus Christ came to give us love,hope and joy and it has been the same yearly.

The celebration is all about the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ who is the son of God. The name Christmas is derived from the mass of Christ which is held across churches. It is a Mass Service also known as communion or eucharist.

Christmas is a time of spiritual reflection on the important foundations of the Christian faith.

Nigerians celebrate largely during Christmas considering the population of the people who are Christians. Many people travel throughout the country in order to reunite with their families and celebrate the festive period together.

People buy cows, turkeys, and especially, chickens as well as provide plenty food and drinks for merriment during this period. It is a period to present and receive gifts.

Also,it is a time people flood Cinema houses, amusement parks, eateries, beaches and many other nice places to celebrate the festive period.

Unfortunately, 2022 for many Nigerians have been a very tough year indeed. The value of the naira fell drastically against the dollar, and many transactions were needed to be done in dollars, causing lots of losses for businesses. Ordinary Nigerians suffered lot of setbacks and economic hardship. Many Nigerians gave it thier all and travelled out of the country which is popularly refered as “Japa”. Doctors, IT professionals, students and stakeholders in critical sectors of the society relocated enmass while others are still looking for processing money to move.

Nigerian leadership ignored the cries of the people and continued in their political scheming of remaining in power. Salaries remained the same but the prices of foodstuffs skyrocketed.
The Central Bank of Nigeria brought stiff rules that made ordinary Nigerian’s go through more hardship.

In the face of all these,celebrations are very muted because people aren’t happy or financially buoyant.

Thus,a low-key Christmas celebration is advised for Nigerians because of the insecurities and economic woes that have continued to plague the Nation.

A low-key celebration will reduce crime and everyone can go about his business without fear. Loud celebrations do invite unnecessary attention from various corners. It should be avoided at all cost. Also,instead of throwing a large party,a small parlour celebration is advised. On the spirit of the season, those who can afford it should help the less privileged with rice, chicken and groundnut oil, because a look around would show that people are really going hungry.
It is believed that next year’s Christmas celebration will largely be determined upon who eventually emerges as winner in the coming elections.

It is hoped that we get it right as a nation this time around and chose the best and most capable hand to lead us.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

Written by Tosin Adesile

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