• July 15, 2024

Editorial: Private Institutions should beef up security now.

 Editorial: Private Institutions should beef up security now.

It is no longer news that insecurity in Nigeria has worsened to the level where nobody is now safe due to what many percieve as Government ‘ lack of willpower’ towards combating the menace. Irrespective of that, people have continued to go about their day to day activities in order to make ends meet considering how bad the economy is as things stand.

On April 28,2021, Twenty two students and one staff of Greenfield University,a private university located in Kaduna were kidnapped by bandits, and since then, many Families of the victims had been in panic only for the kidnappers to release the dead bodies of five of them. It was a tragic and shocking revelation hearing of the deaths of these young ones who had gone in search of higher learning.

Despite many Nigerians cry to the Governor of kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai to negotiate with the bandits, he blatantly refused saying if he paid,that had not curbed insecurity but would rather escalate it.

Few days after the kidnap, one out the remaining 17 Students was released to the parents after proper negotiation.

The bandits had demanded 100 million naira and 10 new Honda motorcycles, which they said must be made available by Tuesday before the students could be set free, this was according to Sani Idris Jalingo who identified himself as the leader of the bandits.

Since the demand was made, nothing has been forthcoming from the Government and many Nigerians had continue to live in fear and apprehension for the welfare of the abducted students.

Greenfield University, Kaduna is one of the 79 Approved Private Universities in Nigeria aside the newly approved ones that had not commenced operation.

The incident of the Greenfield kidnapped should be suggesting to authorities of other private institutions to beef up security as the bandits had identified that through capturing of victims with high emotional impact such as students, they can always have their way of demanding high ransom for their own selfish reasons.

If Private institutions in Nigeria fail to employ high security technologies and put on ground necessary security professionals to be at alert,this recent happening might be extended to another private institution in Nigeria.

Nigerians should not wait for such to reoccur before taking necessary measures. A stitch in time saves nine.

Other Universities abroad are already using technologies,drones and security patrol to protect their students while in Nigeria ,schools owners rely on private securities, many of whom have little or no experience in security and intelligence.

As we challenge the Federal Government to take action and protect its people, as the current sorry state of insecurity if not handled properly may lead to anarchy and a possible break up of the country.

There has been various calls from well-meaning Nigerians, particularly, Chief Afe Babalola to organize a National Conference with the donation of 50 million to address the current threat to the Nation.

Never have we had it this bad in Nigeria,thus,the Federal Government should rise to the call while owners of private institutions should not only sit down to share profits and forget the primary responsibility not only to educate but to also protect their students in this unsafe times.

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