• March 21, 2023

Firm offers Vehicle maintaince scheme for Nigerians with repayment options

 Firm offers Vehicle maintaince scheme for Nigerians with repayment options

By Favour Unukaso

Worried by the state of bad roads in Nigeria and the resultant effect on cars,a foremost automobile company,Fixit45 has introduced vehicle maintaince scheme to better the life of Nigerian car users using technology driven process.

Fixit45, an offshot of Cars 45 has introduced its latest package to the Nigerian market in order to make vehicles remain in good condition considering the deplorable conditions of roads in the country.

The Vehicle Intact Program (VIP) is the newly launched initiative of Fixit45 with the different plans put in place for a smooth process of fulfilling the mission statement of the company which is to rebrand the automobile industry.

Fixit45 Press Conference

The CEO and Co-founder, Fixit45,Justus Obaoye who examined the life of a vehicle in the Nigerian economy said most foreign used cars that comes into the country are the push aside vehicles abroad saying the business of his company is to essentially see how it can help Nigerians get the residual value in the automobile assets in a manner that there is value for money”.

Justus who noted that the maintenance culture in Nigerian is very bad as a result of lack of funds to repair their car.

He further stated that the challenge faced by car owners has led to the idea of helping people repair their vehicle while the owner pays in installment using maintenance service plan as part of the VIP package.

Obaoye said in order to drive this idea,it has come up with a collaborative effort with parkit.ng which they call the wheel of fortune.

Herald Okonkwo,Chief Executive officer of Parkit.ng mentioned that “the long term goal for Parkit is to play in a much bigger space with a company that has the vision and the same theme of operation as we do,and Fixit45 remains our best option”

It further added that the new initiative is an avenue where you can have you car fixed without wasting time with the use of app that would be available both on playstore and the IOS store within two week of the launch.

The fixit45 assured the general public that it would solve minor emergencies-battery failure, flat tyer, fuel need and others that can be solved instantly while those that requires more effort would be moved to the accredited shop for proper repairs and the car owner can continue with his homeward journey.

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