• July 15, 2024

Governor Uba Sani Restores Monarch Dismissed by El-Rufai

 Governor Uba Sani Restores Monarch Dismissed by El-Rufai

By Ikugbadi Oluwasegun

Uba Sani, Governor of Kaduna State, has confirmed the reinstatement of Chief Jonathan Zamuna as the paramount ruler of Piriga in the Lere local government area. He emphasized the crucial role of the traditional institution in providing stability not only in Kaduna State but also in the country.

Chief Jonathan Zamuna was removed from his position by the former Governor of Kaduna state, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, on May 22, 2023, just before the end of the Governor’s second term in office.

During a session with the State Council of Chiefs on Thursday, July 4, the Governor emphasized the importance of reinstating the traditional ruler. He highlighted the crucial roles that Royal fathers play in promoting good governance and ensuring the security of their communities, stressing that collaboration with them is essential at all levels of government.

The governor said, “The Traditional Institution has remained a stabilizing force in our communities and in the state as a whole. The Traditional Institution has shown resilience in the face of modernity. Because of your closeness to the people, it is in the interest of governments at all levels to treat you with respect and work closely with you to deepen participation in governance and secure our communities. 

“One of the key pillars of our Governance Agenda is Nurturing Citizens’ Engagement. We want to effectively involve our citizens in the decision-making processes. Traditional Rulers are not only critical stakeholders, but key influencers that must be accorded all the attention and respect deserving of their exalted position.

“I want to remind you with every sense of humility, that I am a democrat and a respecter of the rule of law. I also know too well how traditional values have shaped our state for the better.

“Let me recall that even during my days as an activist, I had a respectable and healthy relationship with the traditional institution. On the strength of these, I want to say that all our traditional rulers, from all parts of the State, are our royal fathers, and we hold you all in high esteem.

“In our one year in office, we have carried critical stakeholders along in our strategic objectives, and this includes key engagements with our traditional institution. Therefore our doors remain wide open for our continued interaction on issues of development and security of our State.

“Furthermore, as proof of my commitment to the rule of law, I want to make known to you our intention to comply fully with the judgment of the court, issued on 10th June 2024, restoring the Chief of Piriga, in Lere LGA, His Royal Highness, Jonathan Zamuna to his stool.”

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