• July 15, 2024




The entrant of Sparklight Digital News last year in the media space was primarily to practice journalism without borders in an age where the quest to read text is fast declining. Not only that, democracy has reached a level where journalists cannot practice their profession with the guarantee as enshrined in Chapter 2 Section 22 of the 1999 Constitution.

Today’s journalism is confronted with lazy readers with more appetite for videos and pictures. The onus therefore lies on media organization who knows its onion well to look within this direction to retain audience and readers.

Despite all the stumbling blocks ranging from readership apathy, advertisers influence, harassment from security personnel’s, sparklight News is fired up to meet the increasing demands of the readers whose constant need is breaking news and human interest stories.

In the last one year, Sparklight News, a digital only news platform has struggled to build readers who can rely on a medium that is always dishing out the truth, Investigative and timely reports.

Achieving this task is an herculean one in a country like Nigeria where you pay tax, yet, have to pay for necessary amenities that should have been covered by tax payers money. This is the case here.

Our media organization cannot totally shy away from the fact that there are many pitfalls to the practice of journalism which includes; too much of government control, shortage of staff, lack of modern /adequate equipment, poor salary, inadequate funding and employment of non-professionals are among the major challenges affecting the media in carrying out their duties.

Aside this, the world of journalism is today dominated by online activities. This is without its various challenges which includes; lack of acknowledgement of sources and sometimes outright plagiarism. This is a major issue because the ethics of the profession demands that all sources of information be attributed either by media organisations running a hybrid or digital only.

As we continue to practice journalism without borders, we celebrate minimum readers of 2,700 per stories with maximum of over ten thousands readers. Our win today is for us all, our loss is for us only.

We solicit your readership and advertisement to keep Sparklight news going. Cheers to 365 days of quality journalism.

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