• July 15, 2024

Spyro Responds to Backlash Over Church Performance of ‘Only Fine Girl

 Spyro Responds to Backlash Over Church Performance of ‘Only Fine Girl

By Our Reporter

Afrobeats rising artiste, Oludipe David aka Spyro, has responded to backlash over his performance of his hit song, ‘Only Fine Girl’ in church.

Spyro sang his hit song. ‘Only Fine Girl’, during an event at The Harvesters International Christian Centre, on Sunday.
While some questioned the alignment with Christian principles, others argued that the concept of the event was a stage play.

Reacting to the controversy, Spyro, in a video on his Instagram page on Monday, said he was a member of the church and was part of the choir.
He said, “I’m a choir member in Harvesters. I wasn’t paid. Ain’t nothing wrong with me serving my God. Because I’m a celebrity should not restrict me from service. That was a drama in church.
Explaining why he sang the song, Spyro added, “Fantazia is the carol service that was held yesterday and the clip posted on Twitter is the clip of the drama that we did yesterday, and I was supposed to seduce the king’s wife in the drama, which was why I sang ‘Only Fine Girl’ to her.
“So I did that and the king got pissed and asked his guide to cut my head off, which is a typical story of Herod in the Bible.”

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