• July 15, 2024

Thirty Ballons and five wine for Tosin Adesile

 Thirty Ballons and five wine for Tosin Adesile

What is the best way to celebrate a quintessential youth, dogged, hardworking, God-fearing and spirited young man who believes so much in Nigeria and has continued to contribute his quota towards the country’s development since the age of 17 when he made his debut as an entrepreneur, a vision that has today grown and has continued to yield fruits.
Tosin Adesile is a different breed- not just the average youth but the dynamic, hardworking and creative one who believes in starting from nothing to something.
An Ogun State born who has and is still creating impact in any circle he finds himself-Public or Private-he remains an ambassador of young people with driven goals and values.
16 years ago, he started producing a Soft Sell magazine, ‘Sparklight Magazine’ to showcase people of great impact and promote excellence in the society. The magazine has not only come to stay but has added Sparklight Online newspaper to break the barrier of fake news and promote only content that can develop the image of Nigeria in the international scene.
In his private life, he is fun to be with and I am sure you cannot leave his presence without gaining something significant, he is humble to the core. In the public, he is very principled, straightforward, funny and always leaves a place better than he met it. You can never assume his intention but when revealed, they are always on-point.
Having worked in Print,Broadcast and Public Relations journalism, his experience and writings has continued to contribute positively to national development in an objective and constructive manner.

Here is thirty ballons and five wine for this amiable person as he adds another year-Tosin Adesile

Tosin Adesile

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