• February 21, 2024



The Interview with Navy Commodore Kunle Olawunmi, (retd.) on Channels Television has further exposed the fact that as a country, we know our problems, yet, we have refused to confront them.

Since 2015, Nigeria has not known peace over spate of attacks, kidnapping and burnings which has further damaged the image of the country both locally and internationally.

It is no longer news that people are dying while innocent Nigerians are being forced daily to cough out millions of Naira as ransoms for terrorist who are bent on destroying this country or else achieve their aims.

Before Buhari became the President of Nigeria, there were high hopes from Citizens, international communities that Nigeria will turn its fortune around but 2021 had proved that wrong. For Seven years, there hasn’t been any significant progress in the country.

Many are currently biting the fingers to which they used in electing, selecting and fighting to ensure Muhammadu Buhari became the President but today,it has all turned out as regret. 

Commodore Olawunmi reminded us that Department of State Security services (DSS) was able to identify Boko Haram, a terrorists group sponsors in 2017 but up till now, none of them has been arrested, yet, they have been rewarded with juicy appointments as Governors, Senators and Ministers.

The Government of Buhari arrested 400 BDC operators for allegedly sponsoring Boko Haram but refused to prosecute them over tribal and religious reasons.

Our problems in Nigeria is not far from Religion and tribal sentiments and we have continued to wallow in dis-believe, but truly, this is it.

Since the Interpol, DSS, UAE has been confirmed to have full list of Boko Haram sponsors, why won’t the Government of Buhari give orders for these people traumatising the country to be arrested?

Nigeria is sitting on a gun powder, many things have gone bad. He, who has ears, let him hear what the spirit is saying.

Social media was agog about a minister who was identified to be a sponsor and image maker of sharia whose statement is culpable of dividing this country on religion basis but up till today, he has been left alone. Surprisingly, he still occupies a sensitive office in the country with adequate data of all Nigerians operating bank accounts and telephone. 

Olawunmi in his interview said there are group of people in Nigeria who believes Nigeria should be Islamised. These set of people’s aim is not totally different from terrorists whose goal is also to turn Nigeria into a Taliban enclave Government under the sharia law.

Olawunmi spoke with passion as a patriotic Nigeria who is determined to say it and dare the consequences. He is a brave man and should praised for taking a bold step despite what is ahead of him. The current Government is totally averse to the truth.

However, it is not too late for the President to know that invasion of Nigerian Defense Academy is a call for total anarchy. 

It has portrayed the Government at the Centre as weak and something urgent must be done without delay if the government truly means business to protect and care for its citizens. Instead of media attacks and press releases, what the people need now is action, no more, no less.

Nigerians are dying of hunger and depression.  Cooking gas is now between 500-650. Dollar is also a little above 500 while minimum wage stood at N30, 000 which is difficult for any household to feed on considering the rise in market commodities. 

Thus, instead of shouldering and covering bandits as terrorist, President Muhammadu Buhari should pronounce them terrorists, announce their sponsors who have been identified by local and foreign intelligence. Then, go after them.

If we don’t do this without delay, posterity will not forgive this administration for taking Nigeria aback to 1966.

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