• August 13, 2022

Nigeria is morally bankrupt

 Nigeria is morally bankrupt

The continuous depletion of morals has reached a critical stage in Nigeria where it’s either we take a decisive action now or we perish in our helplessness.

A popular Yoruba adage says “Ile la tin ķe so rode” meaning the home is centre of all attraction. If the home fails in its core duty of raising kids who are morally upright, possessed of integrity coupled with fear of God and proper upbringing, the resultant effect is an heartless and shameless society.

It is however very glaring that the product of many homes today is the true picture of today’s society where value is lost, integrity nowhere to be found, no fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom as stated in the Holy books, now we are suffering the end result.

Nigeria in the 70’s to 90’s,there were respect for one another and promotion of cultural heritage with the attendant values of respect, regard for the elderly, keeping the family name and reputation intact by not engaging in actions that could tarnish the family name, but today, increasingly,it seems the reverse is the case.
In the past,there used to be teacher’s training college but today,the training is gone. In the past,University certificate represent not only academic achievement, but character building as well, but today, all sorts of shenanigans happen in the ivory towers, cheating, bribery, plagiarism, scandals and malpractices abound everywhere, people graduate without being able to defend their certificates. It’s a pity, a really sad situation

Back in the days at Abeokuta Grammar School, we were taught that my character is greater than my books, but today,character has become a thing of the past.

The society that once existed was a society where the elders are accorded respect and youths were seen as the future of the Nation but today,the elders and the youths are still fighting for space at the table. It is that bad.

Our leaders are further adding insult to injury by showing leadership unworthy of emulation while corruption has become a thing of celebration-if you can’t beat them,you join them.

As we continue to journey on,secondary school students are already engaging in all kinds of unbelievable acts like cultism, fraud, and rituals for the purpose of getting rich at a young age, there is no premium on hardwork any longer as the society winks at the truth.

Efforts by few disciplinarians are being welcomed with apathy as society only regards people that have money. Money has become the center of attraction.

The Home is the first point of contact, it is the first avenue for training and interaction we all have. The home we have today is representation of today’s society.

If we desire any change soon,people needs to go back home so we can all chart a new course for Nigeria,if not,the nation should prepared for tougher times ahead.

Written by Tosin Adesile

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