• August 13, 2022

Peter Obi and the mistake of Buhari

 Peter Obi and the mistake of Buhari

As 2023 Election draws nearer,Peter Obi,Former Governor of Anambra State and the Presidential Candidate of Labour party is currently gaining momentum as many youths are solidly campaigning for him due to their belief in his capacity, to ensure Nigeria breaks free from shackles of bad leadership.
However, we need to look at the level Nigeria is currently, considering where we were 7 years ago before President Muhammadu Buhari was elected president of Nigeria when the people got tired of Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

Peter Obi

At that time,a dollar was around 200naira but today,a dollar is now 630 naira or more. Not only that,the cost of cooking gas rose up from 250 per kg to around 750k and the price keeps going up daily. One of the final resort of the poor is bread and beans but the rising inflation has catapulted bread from 300 to 600 naira in most eateries except for the popular agege bread that still stands at 300 naira but with a reduced quality. The same producers of agege bread have announced a total strike to protest increase in price of baking.
Meanwhile, income has remained stagnant, with the take home pay barely able to take workers home, ASUU have been on strike for months now, Insecurity is at an all time low, frustration and poverty at an all time high, Nigeria’s debt profile is scary, and the profligacy of our leaders is shameless.

Ahhh! Who did it to us? From GDP of 4.8% under Goodluck Jonathan,Nigeria sank to 0.81% under President Buhari. Even,a Primary School holder would not allow an economy depreciate this long.

As a way of escape,both Old and young want to “Japa” out of Nigeria to where countries are better managed with good leadership. To make the matter worse,Nigeria further put stringent measures to frustrate Nigerians from travelling except those determined who have the finance to say good riddance to bad rubbish.

With all the foregoing,the chances to change the Narrative is through the 2023 election,if not,Nigeria GDP will collapse totally and Nigeria will be forgotten as a nation. Why? Because we should be on probation if it was to be an academic result. Ask the Professors

Out of the many Politicial parties and politicians who offered themselves to serve,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of APC (BAT),Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of PDP and Mr Peter Obi of LP, many of the youth category seem to be comfortable with Mr Peter Obi who they believe has proven himself worthy of good leadership, looking at his past service and antecedents to his state when he was governor, and in his private business.

As 2023 election draws nearer, I want to remind Nigerians of the hasty decision we took to elect Buhari whom we perceived as our messiah, unfortunately, a good head surrounded by thieves and greedy people cannot make any significant impact because the way our constitution is structured, a President cannot succeed without the support of his party and other two tiers of Government namely,the legislature and the Judiciary. The Story of Alhaji Balarable Musa is still fresh in our memory,a man who won Kaduna State Governorship but never enjoyed the support of the legislature till he was impeached because he belonged to a minority party while the majority belonged to another party. Such is the case as it is going with the overwhelming support for one man.

That is why,it is good for a man with growing personality to have the right structure to enable him remain and achieve in Government irrespective of any circumstances.

President Muhammadu Buhari has entrusted much in the hands of his co-workers but the fallout of the trust has brought us to the level we are.
In order for us to avert past mistakes,it will be good for us to rate our candidates, look at how firm they are in taking decisions, Influence and werewithal to be able to return Nigeria back to the place of pride.

In doing this,both elders and youths should further register and collect their PVC to vote for a candidate with credibility because if we miss a good leader in 2023,there maybe little or no hope for us as a country.

Let us not make a costly mistake again,Nigeria cannot afford it now.

Written by Tosin Adesile.


  • Thanks for the Analysis but Peter Obi is not the solution Sir … Buhari surrounded himself with non-perfomance and he listed to them more…and that is d issue….
    Imagine a useless Minister of Education, an uninspiring Finance Minister and Non existing Science Minister etc ..
    Buhari did not listen to those that could help him rather his friends….
    Tinubu is d one to help in this situation because he is visionary, competent and can get things done without any Teleguiding…Please let’s leave Obi type for now…It cannot work….

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