• October 4, 2022

2022 International Youths Day: Canvassing for Intergenerational solidarity

 2022 International Youths Day: Canvassing for Intergenerational solidarity

Globally, the world celebrates the youths today. This is because, the youths, has the energy to transform the world positively. From available statistics, the UN population fund records that young people between the ages of 10 and 24 are around 1.8 billion globally which is huge.

Despite lots of challenges being faced by the youths, the 2022 International Youth Day has as theme “Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a world for all ages”.

This suggest that, aside the 1.8 billion population earlier quoted between 10 and 24,there are other categories of youths between 18 and 35. It doesn’t stop at that,we have people also between 20 and 40 but the goal is to create a world for all irrespective of age.

Having said that,there is need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which the world needs to leverage on the full potential of all generations.
Without this,it might be an herculean task to get the best out them.

However,it very important to know that Solidarity across generations is key for sustainable development.

This highlight the great importance to collaborate and foster successful, equitable intergenerational relations and partnerships to ensure “no one is left behind.”

To tackle global issues, intergenerational solidarity is need for the future generations taking cognisance of the UN Secretary-General recent statement which puts forward new recommendations on renewed intergenerational solidarity, including in Our Common Agenda – many challenges remain.

It is a known fact that irrespective of the data gaps, young people have continued to report age-related barriers in various spheres of their lives such as employment, political participation, health and justice.

On an individual level, these age-related obstacles can deeply impact wellbeing and livelihoods not only during the youth years, but also in adulthood. Also on a societal level, ageism prevents us from thinking and designing policies and social services that adopt a life-course approach and are fair for all ages.
As we celebrate the youths in 2022 despite the pains and gains being experienced as a result of post COVID,the message for the years celebration is simply to amplify the message that action is needed across all generations to achieve the SDGs and leave no one behind.

The youths are doing great things and pioneering excellent ideas. This has shown that as the world’s population is expected to double by 2 billion people in the next 30 years, it is expected that producing a larger volume of result is expected.

The 2022 reality is that the youths are in the age of information where they can access any record and take action with it with the help of the internet.

The youth are expected to use the internet and leverage on it to build a world of opportunities around them.
Why? Internet is not to fight or waste away but to build a record of excellence.

As we speak, discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, caste, religion, migration status, among other factors have used to separate and cause conflict among the youths. This is but a big distraction.

Now is the time to address the interlinking challenges of gender inequality, poverty reduction, social inclusion, health care, biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation.

Youth have been, and will continue to be a part of the conversations and action to restore the planet and integrating biodiversity in the transformation of food systems, and therefore will also remain closely engaged in the implementation work of the Action Coalitions that were launched during the Generation Equality Forum.

As we celebrate International Youth Day, Nigerians are urged to join in uplifting the voices of youth and celebrating their leadership.

The youth us the future,the future is the youth.

Written by Tosin Adesile

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