• August 13, 2022

Kwara State Governor commissions donated ICT hub

 Kwara State Governor commissions donated ICT hub

By our Reporter

The Governor of Kwara State,Abduraham Abdulrazak commissioned an ICT Lab donated to the Government Secondary School (GSS) by Huawei under its Youthhub Africa Initiative which is to enhance the education and digital knowledge of the Kwara child.

According to him: this aptly complements our efforts in this direction. At the moment, we are building at least 40 modern digital literacy centres in schools across the state. This is unprecedented in the history of Kwara State. We are also hosting a smart school donated to the state by the UBEC.

He further noted that this is a drop in the ocean compared to our needs to grow a new generation of digital natives.

“The ICT Lab we are launching today is a great boost to the effort. For me, it is a shining example of how conglomerates can partner with governments to build a sustainable future anchored on digital education”,said the Governor.

We are grateful to Huawei and hope they do more for the Kwara people, while encouraging others to follow this fine example of corporate social responsibility.

He also acknowledge the patriotic efforts of the Chief of Staff to the President Prof. Ibrahim Agboola Gambari to make this happen for us. Kwara people are indeed very grateful to the Chief of Staff.

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