• May 20, 2024

Yahaya Bello: From White Lion to Black Heart – A Tale of Political Tyranny

 Yahaya Bello: From White Lion to Black Heart – A Tale of Political Tyranny

By Yusuf Olukokun

The recent show of feeble immunity being used to cover Yahaya Bello, a former governor of kogi State by his successor, the current governor, Usman Ododo, is dominantly a display of shame with a touch of impunity.

Before being pursued by Economic Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), Yahaya Bello was a horse in his own race who deployed nefarious soldiers towards chasing anyone opposing his views or style of governance.

In 2016, Yahya Bello was like a beacon of hope for Nigerian youths, who had been fervently clamouring for youths inclusion in governance. Many believed in him and never doubted his capabilities to perform in governance, due to the agility he showed before he emerged.

However, Yahaya Bello started unveiling the nuances behind a popular saying: “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

His nickname, “White Lion”, symbolizes courage, spiritual enlightenment and innocence. However, Bello’s notoriety towards the plight of his people piped towards an angle of self-aggrandisement, political incompetence and a dwarf mentality towards governance.

Yahaya Bello, during his tenure was so bold utterly—he could say anything to oppress and victimize. While campaigning for the late Akeredolu’s reelection in Ondo, he said: “It’s Aketi that we want as governor. What are they saying? Clean dirty away. What are they talking about? if you don’t want him as governor, them go hear am ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta.” “Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta” in this context is like a rhythm for gun rifle, even after being vilified, he would never look back to correct himself. Surprisingly, he did same thing during his second term reelection bid in Kogi State; making use of that statement.

Pellucidly, before the 2023 general elections, Yahaya Bello destroyed link-roads leading to the polling unit of Natasha Akpoti, a strong opposing figure of his rigid political views, just to disenfranchise some eligible voters.

The perpetual pursuance of EFCC has revealed to us, what people in power are capable of doing for their subjects but will never do, or how could a sitting governor pay for his children school fees in advance with a whooping sum of $720,000? A sum of money that could at least be utilized for erecting Primary Health Centres for people in the rural areas of Kogi state!

To captivate it all, Yahaya Bello is the youngest of all Nigerian Governors that has ever ruled. Still, he demonstrated a chronic level of non-challant attitudes towards developing his state and also embarrassing Nigerian youths with his dire behaviors.

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