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“Agogo Ogbon” sound track was my first movie sound track in which I was paid life and direct-Tope Alabi

 “Agogo Ogbon” sound track was my first movie sound track in which I was paid life and direct-Tope Alabi

Throwback Sparklight Personality

In 2007, Tosin Adesile met Tope Alabi in a rented cute apartment around Salolo bus stop where she spoke about her life and her ministry. Today, Tope Alabi who celebrated 50 years in November now stays in an exquisite apartment built by her in Lagos .

(Brief Excerpts)

Sparklight: Who is Tope Alabi

Tope Alabi:  I am a gospel singer. I was born into a family of three and the second. In the journey of life, I moved round but God has been faithful. I started singing when I was in class three from Secondary School. I was born and bred in Catholic Church, a choir member at St Cinbra Catholic Church, Oke –ofa, baba Isale, Ibadan. Jessas International owned by Jacob, Papillolo and Aderupoko to be one of the actresses there. I joined them because they are comedians and I love real comedy than acting but after the death of Jacob, I joined  Ishola Ogunshola theatre group.

After that, I worked at NTA Ibadan under Yanju Adegbite and after like 9 months, I moved to NTA 7 now Channel 10 at Tejuosho as a freelancer. What I do is to go out, get stories and they will pay you.

While I was doing that,I was shuttling between Alade aramoire, Yemi My lover and NTA. It was then I started doing movie tracks in 1993. When my talent was spotted, they spoke to Majesta film production to help me and I produced “Agogo Ogbon”. Agogo Ogbon happened to be my first movie sound track in which I was paid life and direct. After that, I did Agbamurere. The marketer that sold Ikoko dudu asked me to have an album like Eji owuro by Sola Allyson. The Marketer, Segun Anuoluwa asked me to make the album four and that was how I came out with ikoko dudu, it was a Secular Song. After the record, I realized it didn’t sell. I was contemplating why the album did not sell and I found out when God want to work hand in hand with you, he doesn’t need anything. I didn’t know what I was doing was different from what God me to do.

Later, Aina Kusoro called me that he loves Ikoko dudu album and we both came from Yewa. So, he said the Ikoko dudu marketer is not a good marketer that is why the album flopped. He offered to give me one hundred and seventy thousand to produce an album for him. I almost got crazy when I heard the amount. I agree but I told him I am not doing secular again.  That was how I did baba “Iwo lakaepe”. That became my second major album but a Gospel one. Today, the rest is history.

Sparklight: Do you husband usually show any reservation because you are  now a celebrity?

Tope Alabi: No, he doesn’t. You know he is my husband and I need to always respect him for that. My husband is a very quiet person. He drives me and plays keyboard. God has been giving me to respect him so there is no reason for reservation.

Sparklight: Is your marriage fruitful?

Tope Alabi: Yes, we have two girls to the glory of God (This was  year 2007)

Sparklight: You talked about Acting in your story. Have you produced any movie?

Tope Alabi: Yes but they are gospel movie. I produced Aso opo, Ijabi and Atijo.

To be continued

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