• March 21, 2023

The fear in Betty Akeredolu’s Audio should not be taken for granted

 The fear in Betty Akeredolu’s Audio should not be taken for granted

By Tosin Adesile

On 16th Janaury,2023, the voice of Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, wife of Ondo state Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu was all over the media space. In a scary voice, she lamented the state of her husband’s health which she said is connected to him eating a “concoction” from one of his female aides, Bunmi Ademosun. A woman of that magnitude will not go as far as that to release an audio if she wasn’t truly scared, and Nigerians should not sweep this under the carpet.

In the leaked audio file, Mrs Anyanwu-Akeredolu accused Ms Ademosun, the special adviser to the governor on Multilateral and Inter-Governmental Affairs, of “sneaking” to give her husband -Akeredolu- the local herb to drink.

The governor’s wife went further to warn the female aide to ‘stay away from her husband’, noting that her persistent closeness is weakening Mr Akeredolu’s health condition.

In her words: “I have a message for Ademosun (Bunmi) and I believe that she’s on this Aketi’s women’s platform. I don’t have her number, and I don’t think she’s worthy of me having her number. I want this woman to stay away from my husband. Stop sneaking in concotions. According to her, they (the local herbs) are from her “fake” pastors to give my husband to drink,” said the Ondo first lady.

For those who know Ms Ademosun, an indigene of Akure very well,she is one of few indigenous who rallied support for Mr Akeredolu during his gubernatorial campaigns in 2016, canvassing votes mostly from market women and women groups and after the election, she happens to became one of the most powerful woman in Akeredolu’s cabinet. Aside her office in Akure as a special Adviser on Inter-governmental affairs,she is also the Ondo State liaison Officer in Abuja meaning she has another office in the FCT.

To get to the heart of the governor or his approval, going through MS Ademosun may mean a yes from the Governor because they are both very close.

It is crystal clear that Mrs Anyanwu-Akeredolu is not okay with Ms Ademosun’s closeness to the governor which is the main reason why she is speaking out so people can understand what she is passing through leading credence to the statement,”the rich also cry”.

The first Lady of Ondo in the audio also alleged that her husband’s aid unorthodox concotion prepared for her husband is further worsening his situation. She therefore demands a stop to this immediately.

In the audio, the Ondo first lady emphatically said she and her family relied on the western style of medical care, and Aketi will get well without the concotion being smuggled in for her husband by Ademosun.

The biggest accusation in the audio was the accusation that Ms Ademosun was scheming to become Ondo deputy governor. This accusation may have gone too far but what is the first lady Afraid of?

Power is transient. If she has been destined to be Deputy Governor, even after Akeredolu’s tenure,she may be if she is qualified under the laws of the country, and gets voted in.

Mrs Akeredolu mentioned of her (Ms Ademosun) recent meetings in her bid to become the deputy governor of the state and wondered “What she has upstairs to make her qualify to be future deputy governor of Ondo state?”

Mrs Akeredolu stated. “Peradventure, if anything happens to Aketi. Lucky (Aiyedatiwa) takes over. It’s a constitutional thing, but not for you to be scheming.”

All these allegations are heavy and many party members have been trying to intervene to stop the first lady from further dragging the secret in the public.

However, Mrs Akeredolu in the audio said she had always warned her husband to stay away from Ms Ademosun and she will do everything possible to protect her husband, threatening to “deal with” the governor’s special adviser.

“I warned Aketi from day one that this woman is evil and not good. And it’s happening. She has nothing good. I’m warning her for the very last time to stay away from my husband,” said Mrs Akeredolu. “If you’re dealing with an Igbo woman in this kind of situation. I will deal with you mercilessly. You’ll never forget in your life. You are a very terrible human being. Go away and enjoy your loot.”

The leaked audio did two things. One,it made people who are not in the good books of Akeredolu and Ademosun happy about the first lady’s outburst and secondly, those who have benefited largely from the Governor and Ademosun’s recommendations are looking for a way to reduce the collateral damage the audio might have on the Governor and Ademosun.

However, the rate of depression in today’s society calls for concern and if anyone decided to speak out,elders should wade in before it is too late.

Mrs Akeredolu deserves to enjoy the monopoly of her husband without Ms Ademosun’s, or any other person’s interference. Governance and family business should be two separate things entirely.

The fear in the first lady audio should never be treated with disdain because after the leaked audio,there are more things to follow. Watch out!

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