• May 20, 2024

The missing truth about Valentine’s Day

 The missing truth about Valentine’s Day

By AAT and Adedoyin Falolu

Valentine’s Day is a day when lovers celebrate, shower affection and gift on each other. It doesn’t only stop at that, couples and young people in love do go out on dinner dates.

Aside from lovers, most churches also focus their sermon on love while fun places do organize different events for lovers to come and enjoy themselves with the aim of growing revenue.


The day is also fondly called St. Valentine’s Day and it’s celebrated every February 14th of each year.

In Nigeria today, there are so many children, adults on the roads roaming about the street and have no one to shower them love. This had led to increased crime rate. Don’t forget that when hunger strikes, people obey their stomachs to engage in nefarious activities.

Currently in the country, insecurity has grown and government has continued to show lip service to the plight of the people by watering poverty with empowerments that cannot last for weeks. The idea of the government as shown is to continue to breed more dependants on the government so that when election time comes, it will be easy to use crumbs to get votes from the teeming masses.

However, many non-governmental organizations and spirited Nigerians have used their resources to help people within their capability and donated to motherless babies’ home in need of love and affection.

February 14th shouldn’t only be about dinner dates, sex, food, gifts but people should be their brother’s keeper and show love to someone who hasn’t experienced one before.

Research has it that there are usually high number of pre-marital sex and unwanted pregnancies after the February 14th celebration.

Therefore, parent needs to counsel and enlighten their wards not to allow dinner dates take away the moral imbued in their wards over the years, instead, families should have dinner dates, go for spree shopping, swimming and make their children comfortable instead of seeking that outside.

Youths should also remember the son of whom they are by having fun responsibly.

Sharing love is not bad, abusing it is the problem.

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