• July 15, 2024

“Today, with Social Media, Instagram, you can become a household name from the comfort of your home”- Comedian Ajebo

 “Today, with Social Media, Instagram, you can become a household name from the comfort of your home”- Comedian Ajebo

Emeka Erem popularly known as Ajebo is an household name in the Nigerian Comedy Industry.
In this interview with Tosin Adesile,Sparklight Editor, he spoke about his style of comedy and his upcoming programme.(Exercpts)

Sparklight News: After the Ajebo comedy party in Owerri, you have gone underground. Should we say covid 19 was responsible for this?
Ajebo: Of course not, I didn’t go underground.
I had my show last year, and this is another year, we are having the next one come October 17,2021 at Eko hotel and Suites,Victoria Island.
Nothing like underground, we all waited for another year because it happens once a year.
The name of the show is “Tegwolo champion of Warri”. We’ve made a lot of impact with the Tegwolo brand and we want to bring him alive for his audience to come and experience it live.
We will be doing a lot of skit and a lot of things around the Tegwolo brand at the show. It’s something that everyone should look forward to.

Sparklight News: Ajebo vs Zombie, the game, what’s behind it?

Ajebo Comedian: It’s a clip that we just want to put out as a game and one of our project.
We have three games out there, we have them on Google play store, we have the “Ajebo vs Zombie”, “Naija highway racer” and we also have a long tennis game as well.
It’s a children brand that we created May 27th last year, basically when the lockdown strucked and basically creating kid contents.
House of Ajebo basically focuses on comedy,and animation to cater for the children.

Sparklight News: Ajebo is a household name in the comedy industry in Nigeria, how did you start?
Ajebo:It has always been from the begining.We started way back in Secondary School at the Nigeria Navy Abeokuta Hosting School Shows.
After School,Churches, and then gotten to the university till 2009 when i won the Ay Open mic and it’s been all well till now.

Sparklight News: There seems to be different caucus in the comedy industry, what do you think is responsible?

Ajebo: I don’t know about caucus, a lot of people have grown out of that mentality, there is nothing like caucus anymore. People are now building there own brand, and focusing their energy on been better and basically, I don’t know anything about caucus.

Sparklight News:What’s your biggest win in the Comedy industry?

Ajebo: I think it is how my cartoon brand have trived, we have over one million subscribers on YouTube and almost a hundreds million impression every month.So, I think that’s really big.
Sparklight News: Comedian put a lot of energy in their show and after the stress, how do you relax?

Ajebo: My brother, I just relax. Is either I travel, go on vacation to just relax and rest it out with my family.

Sparklight News: Since you are a family person, what are you grateful for?
Ajebo: My family! I have a beautiful wife and two daughters and am grateful for that.

Sparklight News: Any upcoming big project?
Ajebo: Yes! I am putting together my show, since my cartoon have gathered a lot of audience, we are doing a show in Eko hotel on the 17th of October and it’s titled “Tegwolo Champion of Warri”.Basically, we want to bring the cartoon brand alive, we want people to be able to bring their families because of children’s love for “Tegwolo”, Mothers love “Tegwolo”. So,we want families to come and enjoy the show.

Sparklight News: Any advice for the upcoming comedians
Ajebo: Stay true to yourself, stay true to your brand, keep building, the sky is your starting point.
If you try to be another person, you will be a sub-standard version of the person but you will be the best of you. So,do your thing.
The game have changed right now, gone are those days where you have to sell out Eko hotel or have plenty money or do different things to put a show together.
With social media today, with Instagram, you can become a household name from the comfort of your home.
Just keep doing what you know how to do best.

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